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Generating electric power FROM THE ATMOSPHERE Chizhov Igor EN-230110

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introduction This presentation will be presented to a little-known device that allows you to convert atmospheric energy into electrical charge. Invention is designed to uninterrupted supply power in small towns, as well as individual units can be used that provide small objects, such as weather stations, lighthouses and so on.

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Main points In this presentation we will examine: The structure of the atmospheric installation Weather conditions The principle of operation Application Advantages and disadvantages

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The structure of the atmospheric installation

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weather conditions

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The principle of operation

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application These settings can be applied in rural lands, small cities, lighthouses, island villages and other settlements, where a small amount of power.

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Advantages and disadvantages Advantages: Low Cost Fast mount and creation Ecological Simple design

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concluding To date, this installation is not common in the world, but they could solve the problem of electricity in many localities of the planet. This is an excellent source of electricity that does not require large economic costs that can situated practically any terrain.

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