Презентация, доклад Will Manitowoc Company Inc. Stock Recover in 2016?

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2015: A terrible year for Manitowoc

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Why the stock crashed Manitowoc’s dismal operational performance is largely to blame

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Plunging profits

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The worst in the industry

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So why did Manitowoc’s sales and profits tumble in 2015? So why did Manitowoc’s sales and profits tumble in 2015?

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The company faced many headwinds Plunging oil prices hurt demand for off-highway cranes from the oil & gas sector Persistent weakness in key international markets like Asia and the Middle East hurt crane sales Lower capital spending by restaurant chains hurt demand for foodservice equipment Start-up problems with Kitchencare range hurt foodservice margins Currency fluctuations: a stronger dollar = lower international revenues when converted. Hurt both cranes and foodservice segments

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What lies ahead While Manitowoc’s foodservice business appears to be turning around, the outlook for cranes looks grim going forward

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Challenges aplenty Declining manufacturing activity in China and devaluation of the yuan = lower demand for cranes Oil could fall further as supply > demand and OPEC is standing its ground Growth in key international markets like Brazil and China remains uncertain Dollar remains strong

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Troubling signs Manitowoc’s crane orders and backlog slipped 40% and 12% year over year, respectively, in Q3. Operating margin fell to 1% from 7.3%. Outlook for 2015: 15%-20% drop in crane sales and flat foodservice revenue. Management expects 2016 to “be a challenging year.” Aggressive restructuring underway, indicating greater pain ahead.

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Foolish takeaway: A risky bet Too many headwinds, no major growth catalyst in sight Stock is expensive at 36 times trailing P/E Company on track to split into two this running quarter. But deteriorating end markets could mean little shareholder value in a standalone cranes company

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