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Общероссийский фестиваль исследовательских и творческих работ учащихся «Портфолио ученика» 2012/2013   Разделы: Здоровье человека; Лингвистика (английский язык) Teenagers’ Relationship with Their Parents. Problems and Solutions. Author: Tatiana Kharabrina, Form 9«C», gymnasium № 1538 Supervisor: Tatiana Kuznetsova, the English teacher. Москва 2013 г.

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The urgency of the project:

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The aims of the Project: The aims of the Project:

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Media and Technology. The biggest problems are media and technology. Never before in the history we have been faced with a situation where each living generation is focused around a different technology platform.

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Parents’ Behaviour

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Alcoholism and Drug Teenagers’ problems with alcohol and other drugs are occurring at 12 years of age, in contrast to 13 to 14 years of age in previous generations. Recent research has shown that beer is now the drink of choice for many teenagers. A person who begins to use alcohol or other drugs at an early age is very likely to become seriously dependent on them.

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Insomnia What causes insomnia in teenagers?

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The Research To help with this research, I surveyed 40 teens from our school and asked them 10 questions:

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Surprisingly, that 31% of parents don’t control their children and 35% do it from time to time.

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Suggestions I’d like to suggest some solutions to improve relationship between teenagers and their parents: 1. Teenagers should try to do what their parents tell them and not do what their parents dislike. 2. On the other hand, parents should also know how to react with their children in the best way. 3. In case of insomnia in teenagers, it is important for them to get into a regular routine with their sleep. If they can establish a habit, most of the sleep problems will disappear. 4. Parents should not ignore experimentation with alcohol and drugs in the hope that their teenage son or daughter will somehow learn about the risks involved or outgrow his or her drug-related behaviour. Parents should talk to their children about the risks and dangers. 5. Both have to try to reduce the animosity between them and start a relationship of love and respect, which I hope every teenager and parent can find.

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Conclusion It's not easy for a teenager to solve his problems and , for every problem, the same solution is not possible. It's very important for parents to know the right way in which their teenaged children should be treated. Being a teenager is not something bad because it is, in my opinion, the best period of one’s life and all our good times are spent in this period.

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Thank You for Your Attention!

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